5 Best Watercolour Drawing Brands for Pro Or Newbie

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If there’s one thing you’ll say about art, it’s that it’s never easy. You are doing not just take a pencil and paper randomly and begin sketching. Tons more factors aside from that are involved within the whole art-making process. This includes the sort of writing and therefore the supplies too. For instance, handmade papers are fantastic for doing pencil sketches, while the different types go better with water and oil-based paints.

That is why it’s essential to settle on your sketchbook, carefully counting on the type of supplies you employ for drawing and sketching. If you’re a beginner or someone who’s looking to undertake out different options available within the market, worry not. Here may be a list of some best sketchbooks for watercolour that you can choose between counting on your sketching needs.

Here’re 5 Best Watercolor Paints Reviewed

1. Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors

It’s with ratings like these that a lot of professional artists find themselves still counting on Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours throughout their entire career – they’re just that good. Coming in both tube and pan form, you’re ready to purchase these watercolours to fit your preferences.

Even though these watercolours do come as a group, you’re ready to purchase tubes individually from retailers like Blick Art Materials for a reasonably affordable price. Arriving in sets of 6, 10, 12, 14, and 24, you’ll get a group that not only fits your budget but enough colours to urge you started.

2. Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections: The Classics

This Classics starter set by Prima Marketing has all the essentials when it involves watercolour painting. Coming with 12 half pans, not only will you’ve got all the essential colours that you will end up using in only about every picture, but the transparency properties of the paint itself were impressive for a starter set. Just like the Cotman watercolours, the pans within the Classics set often purchase individually both from their website or at Amazon.

This will not only prevent money as an artist, but if you’re trying to find a selected colour your piece, you’ll quickly replenish. As high as this watercolour paint is for a student, one aspect that other artists and we loved were the palettes. The metal palette not only has generous mixing areas, but also wells that you can use to pull out range within the colours themselves.

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3. Reeves 24-Pack Water Color Paint Set

Reeves has been at the middle of the art world since 1766 and is owned by Colart (the same company that owns a spread of art brands including Winsor & Newton). Like its sister company Winsor & Newton, Reeves puts together a quite compelling offering of 24 different colours during this rather large 10ml watercolour tube set.

With such an expansive colour offering, normally you’d expect to pay a lofty sum – however, it’s quite the contrary. With a tag hovering around $15 bucks (at the time of publication), this set is undoubtedly an excellent pick for those budding artists that want to urge into the planet of watercolours but don’t necessarily want to pay the high price of admission.

As expansive as this set could also be, there are a few missing components. Like most sets that are available tube form, you don’t get a mixing palette or brush. So, you’ll get to devour a couple of extras upon checkout. Accessories aside, the colours within this product will pop, and therefore the consistency of the paint itself is manageable.

4. Royal Talens van Gogh Watercolors

Bearing the instantly recognizable name of the Dutch Post-Impressionism artist Vincent van Gogh, these top quality watercolour paints by Royal Talens are among the simplest you’ll find at an entry-level price.

While not nearly as expansive because the 24-set offered by Reeves, the 12 colour set of 10ml tubes will produce extremely vibrant colours that rival most professional paints on our list. Not only are you able to easily mix these paints to supply breathtaking colours, but each of the watercolour paints contained within this set is rated at a superb lightfastness (the highest possible rating):

+++ Notes an excellent lightfast rating.

This will make sure that the colours you place on the watercolour paper will remain even as vibrant for years to return. Secondly, and maybe most significantly for you reading reception , is that the transparency qualities of those paints. You’ll be ready to achieve very subtle effects which will build up great atmospheres within your pieces when using the van Gogh watercolours.

Beyond the set of 12 tubes included, you’ll also get a round nylon size six brush alongside a plastic palette with a mixing area. If you’ve got the budget, this is often one among the most straightforward kits for beginners.

7. Grumbacher Academy Watercolor Paint

While we recently fell crazy with the Grumbacher gesso, equally impressive in their big selection of art supply offerings is their introductory watercolour set. Containing a plastic palette for tube storage and mixing including an assorted hairbrush, you’ll have everything (with the sole exception being paper and water) able to start with painting immediately!

The 12 colours within Academy watercolour painting kit will flow like butter and can produce some fantastic and vibrant results. While the lightfastness and consistency of the paint are incredible, what we liked was the colour guide the Grumbacher website. This useful guide not only tells you the lightfastness rating per ASTM, but it also discloses the pigment information.

For instance, if you were using alizarin carmine, the precise colour used as PR83. So, if accidentally you run out of this particular colour mid painting, you’ll attend the shop and cross-reference the colour code (PR83) with other brands and obtain a close colour match (consistency, pigment concentration, and performance may differ). While this won’t appear to be too big of a deal for a few, except for those artists looking to colour a large-scale piece, this reference number is significant.

Lastly, for those looking to upgrade their Academy series paints, Grumbacher does offer knowledgeable level paint with their Finest Watercolor series. These will have all the professional qualities prefer transparency and better pigment density – you’ll typically buy those paints individually at select online retailers like Blick Art Materials.

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